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Sinus/turbinate issue or other?

For Years, since I was a child, I have suffered from, what I have been

under the impression of, Sinus issues.  Every time I lay down, doesn't

matter what side I lay on, Left or Right, I get a thumping feeling

(like when you hit your thumb with a hammer), in my head/sinus area.  I

have to move my head into different positions, until I find a position

where it goes away.  If I don't do that, the feeling gets worse, and in

about 30 seconds, my inferior turbinate (on the side I'm laying on)

swells up, cutting off my ability to breathe, through that side on my

nose, and ultimately making it impossible to breathe through my nose

period.  I have seriously bad post nasal drip and when breathing

through my mouth, I get stuff coming down the back of my throat, drying

up and not only clogging up my air passage, but also a lot of times,

hitting my gag reflex.  I find myself constantly hacking up phlegm,

from the back of my throat, to keep it from building up. This has been

an every day, all the time type of thing.  So I am unable to sleep with

my mouth open.  For my post nasal drip, I do sinus rinses, but, instead

of the solution going in one nostril and coming out the other, I start

it that way, then I open up the passage between my nose and back of my

throat, close off the other nostril, and force it to come down and out

of my mouth, to help clear the stuff out.  I do this on both sides of

my nose.  I do regular sinus rinses, also.  Also when I go to lay down,

I have to have my head at, at least, a 45 degree angle.  I am unable to

sleep comfortable with my head lower then 45 degrees.  I have tried the

Breathe Right strips, but they do not really help.  They do spread my

nasal openings up more, but do not help once my turbinates swell up.  I

have talked to my pcp numerous times about this, and he has no idea

what is causing this to happen.  He referred me to an ENT.  My ENT said

that the problem is a deviated septum and enlarged inferior turbinates.

He recommended sinus surgery to fix both these issues, which I did.  

After the swelling went down, and the antibiotic stuffing (he put up

there, to help the healing and keep any infection out) was removed,

things were ok, for a little while, but that thumping feeling was still

there and very soon (within a month, maybe less) I was back to having

the same issues, as before.  He had me try topical (intra-sinus

irrigation and sprays) medicines, which were Fluticasone Propionate

nasal spray, Budesonide (both liquid and powder) steroid in my sinus

rinse kit.  He wanted to try pill form of Prednisone, but I can not

take that because it causes something to happen with my eyes.  The

problem still persisted.  He did a culture of the secretions, in my

sinuses, and they came back positive for MRSA, so he put me on

Ciprofloxacin (pill form) and had me use Tobramycin (liquid) in my

sinus rinse bottle, as a topical antibiotic.  After I had finished the

medicines, I had gone back in and had another culture done, which came

back negative for any infection.  My ENT is willing to do another sinus

surgery, but in taking a step back and looking at this objectively, I

do not feel another surgery is going to help.  I am afraid, after

reading horror stories of people having too much of their inferior

turbinates removed, of getting “Empty Nose Syndrome”, and that will

just cause more problems.    Now, through all of this, the thumping

feeling in my head/sinus area,  leading to my inferior turbinates

swelling up and cutting off my ability to breathe through my nose, has

continued.  This issue Has caused me severe sleep depravation, which

leads to my inability to be in control of my emotional state.  I am

constantly waking up after 2 - 3 hours (on a good night), or 1/2 - 2

hours (almost every night) and having to deal with this, which can take

anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or longer. Having to do sinus rinse,

after sinus rinse, plugging my nostrils and pushing air pressure up

into my sinuses to shrink my turbinates, if only for a few seconds,

blowing my nose, constantly.  It seriously feels like there is No end

or solution, in sight, for my problem.  No one (doctors or other) has

the slightest clue about what is causing the “thumping" feeling, or any

way to find out.  I am seriously at my wits end.  I am screaming for

help, but no one knows how to help me.  Through all of this, so far,

there has only been one thing that has helped, and it’s more like a

band-aid, then anything else, and not a good one at that, Afrin.  I use

it to shrink down my inferior turbinates, so I can get at least some

sleep.  Now I know everyone is going to say, “Well there’s your

problem.  You’re just having Afrin rebound.  Stop using it and your

problem will go away.”.  To this, I reply that I have had this problem,

long before I even started using Afrin.  I have been through an Afrin

rebound, before.  It is where the walls of the sinuses, engorge and

swell up, causing a severe stuffy nose.  My problem is far from that.  

When I use the Afrin, I do not “breathe” it up and into my sinuses.  I

spray it up, towards my inferior turbinates, and plug up/off the side I

just sprayed it into.  I do not breathe through my nose, at all.  After

about 1 - 5 minutes, I blow my nose, to which most of the Afrin comes

out. Then I do a sinus rinse, allowing the solution to come down and

out my mouth, so any left over Afrin comes out and does not stay in or

go further into my sinuses.  This is and has been the only thing that

has semi-worked and allowed me much of any sleep at all.  Again,

though, I feel that this is just a bandaid and not a solution to the

major problem.  I feel getting to the root of this “Thumping” feeling

will provide an answer/solution to the problem.  I am begging.. Please

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I have some of your symptoms and more may be sinusitis and ear infection get your blood tested for white blood cells or antibodies and get allergy test to see if its a allergic reaction
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