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Tell me that I'll be OK

4 weeks ago I was watching tv as usual and all of a sudden, I felt cold. My heart began to race and a feeling I can only describe and a 30 sec seizure/panic attack came over me. I've felt this way before, confused and helpless from a bad marijuana trip 8 yrs ago. I have long since stop smoking cause of that bad trip. So after my little episode I thought nothing of it. Until 3 weeks ago. Bam! Watching TV it happens again. I clutch my wife's leg and held on to it as if it might be the last thing I hold in this world. To clarify, no numbness or pain. Just sudden onset of delirium.

The following week I managed to make it to my job the entire week. Probably the hardest thing I've ever had to endure. By now instead of 1 minute attacks, Its consistent. This Constant haze and confusion driving 45 min to work "tripping out" but somehow I make it to work everyday that week. I get paid on Friday, purchase a good bottle of liquor AND GO TO TOWN ON IT. I feel great!

2 weeks ago the euphoria of the alcohol has gone. It's Monday, Labor Day-No work. I stay in bed watching TV struggling to fight this hazy delirium and now onslaught of headache and massive pressure behind both of my eyes. I forgot to mention that my nose has been running profusely the entire time this whole ordeal started. I don't get out of bed this day for fear of making this feeling worse. Later that night my wife takes me to the ER. I describe my symptoms the best way I could. It's a struggle to speak and find the words to relay to the nurse. I've began to develop this notion that speaking will somehow trigger more delirious and hazy thinking. I get a CT scan. "Sinusitis" I get a prescription for 500mg Amoxicilin x3 a day.

Last week I began to take the prescribe medication as well as Flonase to relieve the pressure.I miss 3 days of work cause I couldn't shake this brain fog. I set a follow up appointment with my family doctor. I describe my symptoms to the Doc just like before, but he says something different. He asks me have I been exposed to ticks....My exact words were "Hell Yes". I work for buggydepot.com as a customer service rep. Family owned business on a farm. Massive tick infestation. I work in an office trailer but I periodically have to go outside to talk to the other associates. I routinely get anywhere from 10-20 ticks on my person, daily. There natural pesticide seem to not work. But any how my Doc says i should quit this job. I love this job. Its small with great potential and absolutely the smartest individuals I've ever met. I want to be loyal. My Doc takes three vials of blood from me for testing. He say's I might have Lyme disease or even worse meningitis. My test results will be available to me next week.

I have this scared feeling as if I might have lost some critical function in my brain. Even now as I am typing i feel as though I'm on auto pilot. Has anyone ever felt this way? or experience any symptoms I've described. If so, are there any words of wisdom you could provide. Anything would help.


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Get an allergy test and blood test to check white blood cell count for possible exact pinpoint of problem I have some of your problems but not all

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