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Unsolved sinus/dental infections with severe pain

My symptoms began about 2 years ago with back to back sinus infections. I consulted an ENT who spent less than 20 minutes w/ me & suggested a CT scan which showed minimal mucus lining in my maxillary sinus cavities. At that time I couldn't be assured it would help & ultimately decided not to go through with the procedure. A month or so later I had severe pain in my left cheek/jaw & then my gum began to swell substantially.  I consulted my dentist (also an oral surgeon) that did the scans/x-rays & couldn't detect any issues. We scheduled what I guess you would call a bone/gum graft. He cut open my gum & began cleaning & scoping out infected tissue when he found a small speck of metal (his guess, didn't test or anything). He completely cleaned the area & packed in synthetic bone graft to help reform any bone loss form the infection.

Since that time I had been treated for sinus infections 3-5 times in a year's time that are treated w/ antibiotics. About a year after the gum surgery I start feeling the same painful symptoms & before you know it the gums swell & an abscess appears in the same area. I go back to the dentist & after a few bouts of antibiotics I go in for a root canal for the tooth that appears to be the cause (same tooth/gum area as surgery). The dentist tells me the root is brown & completely dead but not signs of further infection or deterioration in the gum or tooth itself, so that's good news according to him.

I've had a few sinus infections since that time that start with the same pressure & pain in my face over the past year or so. I have also watched my teeth/gums closely and have been assured by my dentist there is no signs of tooth or gum disease. Just a few weeks ago, the pain comes back but quite tender in my left cheek right next to my nose. I go to see my physician this time & give my complete history. I begin taking augmentin (sp?) & then referred to see the ENT. During the time of my physician apt & the ENT appt (a week) the pain/pressure gets worse & then swelling in my gums returns. It begins to look like an abscess & haven been told by my dentist last time to try to drain or get the infection out, I did the same thing this time. I was able to "drain" the swollen gums but there was no sign of pus or infection, just blood. I let the ENT know ALL of these symptoms & my history and scheduled another CT scan.

I had the scan done yesterday to which the ENT said it showed to be about the same as the last one. He showed me the scan & walked me through it, as he did the last time. I did notice there was a lot more blockage or grey in the nasal passages & there was a grey dot (maybe pea size) in my left maxillary cavity that he said was mucus(something). He said normal that should be a thin layer & clear but seems normal. The scan also showed my previous dental work & the roots of that area (2 teeth/roots from what I could tell) pretty close to the let maxillary cavity if not already touching or protruding. His advice at this time is to perform the sinuplasty to clear blockage & any remaining infection. He said he basically rules out dental concerns as a the problem due to everything I've already had done & what the dentist has said about my gum/tooth health. He said a 3rd & rare possibility is a-typical facial pain but very unlikely due to my symptoms. I am trying a nerve medication now to see how it helps/affect the pain.

I'm not against doing the sinuplasty but can't help but feel like the ENT is almost selling this procedure. There should be an explanation of what is causing all of this, right? I have now been on antibiotics for 12 days and the pain hasn't subsided but almost shifting around & no have a low grade fever. The pain was so severe this past weekend I almost went to the hospital. The pain/pressure is now in my jaw & neck. My neck feels really tight & swollen while the pressure in my face remains. Any feedback advice is greatly appreciated as I'd like to find a solution/cause. Thank you!
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Well it’s beeb a while since you posted this.... I see nobody responded. I am wondering how you are doing now?
I am in a similar situation. Teeth/sinus BS. Lots of X-rays lots of unnecessary procedures that ended up costing me more problems! I too have a mucous cyst/or mucous glob in my sinus. I wonder if I take it out if it will help. Anyway right now just dealing with the aftermath of a recent tooth extraction. My nose is on fire- the last month! 2 ents stick scope up nose and said it doesn’t look like I have an infection so they never treated me. A month goes by my nose is worse and so it’s acting all weird like I probably won’t have a nose because of lack of treatment. Just fed up- spending money and angry. And in the end I bet I will need the sinus surgery to clean it out. But right now I gotta figure out the damn nose crap
Ugh, this is hard.  My husband had this.  The first time, he had surgery.  The second time, he wasn't a candidate because his films showed that he was now missing a small piece of bone that the sinus cavity ran beside up into his forehead (this was where his clog was).  I was upset and relieved at the same time as surgery was off the table.  He was very uncomfortable though.  One thing he did a lot was the nettie pot.  It's nasal lavage. It can clear the sinus!  That and ibuprofen worked for him (ibuprofen reduces swelling).  I know it's not much but might be worth a try.
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Also my teeth roots are high into sinus or touching the floor to sinus. Both extractions 15 and 12 caused a hole in sinus. I never had gum books or gum infection. Facial pain is mostly left side. Sinus dr thought teeth and vice versa. So one day I hope to recover from all of this and I feel doomed right now. Lots of meds too so I feel doomed with that as well. I did so good for so long and then this just wrecked me. Radiation too- oh well
Oh my gosh, how painful.  Definitely it is all interconnected and I'm sorry you haven't been able to get proper help with this.  Did they ever prescribe antibiotics for you?
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