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Upper Throat / Back of Sinuses Problem

Alright, trying to keep it short and sweet.

I was away for New Years, and the hotel I stayed at was extremely dry, even for winter, expectedly my sinuses got very irritated. After I got home I came down with a "cold" about 2 days later, but it was odd in that the irritation, a real burning, was localized to the back of my sinuses in the upper throat around the eustachian tube area on the right side only. I was put on antibiotics after I went into my docs office and said it was a sinus infection (which I thought it was at the time), but they did nothing, and it just cleared up on its own about a week later.

Since then I've had this on and off irritation and discomfort (almost like an itch) in the same spot, back right sinuses in the upper throat. It's also felt like my eustachian tube on the right side is irritated, and I get a lot of instances of swooshing, and what sounds like it clearing out, but I never get a real ear ache, and theres no fluid build up in the ear anytime they check.

I came down with the exact same "cold" like thing about 3-4 weeks ago with the exact same outcome. Same burning in the spot thats usually slightly irritated, all of which cleared up in about a week after it started. I put cold in quotations both times, because it doesn't seem to be an actual contagious infection I caught. There's no explanation for how I could have come down with something, and more importantly my mother, who I currently live with, suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and never caught either of them (she catches anything I ever bring into the house with her weakened immune system). Since then it's been more of the same. The slightly irritated, almost itchy feeling in the same localized spot on the right side.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this? And if they've found a way to deal with it and clear it up. I'm not sure if it's an infection spot, or it's just been irritated or dried and opened up to the point my body is treating it similarly. It's difficult to try to do anything about it, as it's not an easy area to get to with rinses or the like.

Any info or ideas is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Edit: Also, I'm not sure if it's related or worth mentioning, but I find I often wake up with a really bad taste in my mouth. Not sour or bitter like acid reflux, just an overly foul taste even for the morning.
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Hi, its most probably an allergic response. Sinusitis can be triggered by allergens. Inflammation in the nose and sinuses can cause inflammation around the Eustachian tube, which is the tube that runs from the back of the nose to the middle ear and is responsible for draining the middle ear of fluid.  If there is Eustachian tube dysfunction from nose or sinus inflammation, fluid can remain in the middle ear which can lead to dizziness. You can consult an allergy specialist to see if allergens are the triggers for your symptoms. Regards. .
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Very interesting thread. Thanks for sharing :)
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Have you tried taking steam?
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Oh no. Have you considered surgery an option? I got balloon sinuplasty done by my ear, nose and throat doctor in houston http://www.thesinusdoctor.com/allergy.html and it's all so much better now.
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