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Weather and Sinusitis

Currently, I am going through yet another sinus infection after weeks of overactive sinuses, constant PNR, and a significant impact to quality of life including work down time.  I average 2-3 a year, and they are usually ALWAYS connected to significant climate change - change in barometric pressure and/or change in temp (these usually go hand in hand).  I had some sinus surgery done in 2001 but every ENT looks at my nasal cavities and said they don't look that bad.  GREAT - but that doesn't help the pressure around the eyes and face, drainage that gets so severe that it upsets my stomach, and the eventual infections that take place including some that spread into full blown upper/lower respiratory issues.  I consider myself healthy overall.

I have read some helpful posts here but some are years old and it gets to what it is my final question: is there such a final solution as sinus removal or at least reduction?  It seems if these cavities can be removed or otherwise reduced, the tissue will not inflame.  I realize I may  not understand the anatomical/physiological impact of sinuses to the body overall, but I know I have been fighting this for years with no long term remedy.  

Thanks ahead of time!
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How are you? I'm sorry to hear about your recurrent sinus issues. There sinus cavities allow for voice resonance, help filter and add moisture to any air that is inhaled through the nasal passage, help remove unwanted particles from these cavities and may even  lighten the overall weight of the skull. It is important to identify the possible cause of the recurrent infection of the sinuses for proper management. Further evaluation may need to be done also. Take care and do keep us posted.
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