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Why is this happening to me?

I developed post nasal drip 2 years ago which i assumed was due to allergies, even though i never had any before (im only 24). I was allergy tested and only slightly sensitive to mold and dust mites according to my allergist.  Within the past year I developed extreme forehead tightness that radiates to my temples and to the top of my head. I had a ctscan done which was clear besides a deviated septum and mucosal thickening in my sinuses. So, i had septoplasty done and nothing changed! Does anyone know why this can develop? I've tried every med and nothing works, even pain meds don't alleviate the pressure/tightness feeling.
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I feel your pain
I have tried to get in for allergy tests but they claim I'm too old...ugh. They apparently don't like to do allergy testing on adults as your allergies can change on almost a monthly basis...?
Who knew?
I find that the only thing that even remotely helps is using claritin nose spray and a sinus rinse, such as the neti pot.

I also have a deviated septum...nasty thing.

I recently had all of my top teeth removed...as soon as the eye teeth were pulled I was able to breathe properly for the first time in 30 years...but I don't suggest having your teeth pulled just so you can breathe lol.

Did your scans show where your sinuses are sitting? The lower in the gums they are the more problems it seems you will have...at least that's how they explained it to me.

If you see an ENT they will shove some cotton up your nose with pink liquid on it...it clears your sinuses immediately if not sooner...it's such a relief...however, they will start to fill back up within a month or so. Wish I could get my hands on some of that stuff. lol
To answer your question of why this happens...
Not sure why this happens...just bad luck for some of us I guess.
I've never gotten a satisfying reply from any doctor I've seen...even my ENT.
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