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Will it be cured naturally ?

A friend of mine had sinus problems since 13 years now she is 22 years she have blockage of her nose and had to use the dropper twice a day two drops per nostrils at a time total 4 drops a day. Doctor did tell her not to use the dropper at all if not very serious, what should we do please tell.  
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So, blockage of nose isn't really sinus issues.  Sinuses are in the cheek and forehead.  When they are clogged, you get things like bad headaches and a foul smell. Antibiotics can clear them or something called a netti pot.  Does your friend have allergies?  If this has been going on for years, it is unlikely this will clear naturally without some type of medical intervention.
Thank you for your valuable response , I think she don't have any allergy except for the blockage , the doctor did say that it could be treated with a surgery, it's just that she didn't like the surgery.
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