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i suffer from sinus too much

i 31 year and now i can't sit with people to talk because my breath smell too bad,from inside my stomach i feel like sore is there because my mouth smell too bad,with cold from my chest ,i coughs dry coughs too much,pain on my chest now,i need this sinus cure or treatment please help me
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The modern genetic constitutional method can regain your health and you can get off from chest pain, cold and cough. Homeopathy Treatmnet can naturally cures your sinusitis diseases completely. For more details follow us at:http://www.homeocare.in/articles/cure-your-sinusitis-problems-permanently-now-homeocare-international/
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Hey allergy test from doctor or urgent care and get your blood checked for white blood cell count it can determine if its root is bacteria or viral if you're a woman you may have vaginosis yeast infection out of balance ph or candida if you're male or female two teaspoons twice a day in a glass of water of raw apple cider vinegar and a change of diet may help that
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