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my easy cure for sinus infection

this is not a question. I have been using a technique to cure my sinus infections for years, now, and I want to share it. It works every time within 24 hours, or so. All I do is vibrate the mucous mass in my sinus using either a powerful bass speaker at the right frequency, or using a powerful massager of some sort, and pressing my head into it at different angles and with varying pressure until i feel the painful area vibrating. I'm guessing i just break up the mucous mass, allowing it to drain over the next few hours. The key is finding the resonant frequency of the mass. I find that frequency, then let it shake for a few minutes, maybe 2-5 minutes. Then, I just wait, and by the time I wake up the next day, the sinus infection is gone. For me, it works every single time. The first time I did it (by accident, installing a sound system in my car), I had had a terrible sinus infection for 2 1/2 weeks that was extremely painful. I woke up the next day cured.
Please pass this on to a professional. I hope it can help others.
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If you had a bacterial sinus infection this would not cure it.
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it works. the bacteria feeds on the mucous mass. drain the mass, and there is nothing for the bacteria to eat. I have bad sinus allergies, and I've dealt with  many sinus infections. This works every single time within 24 hours. Try it before you dismiss, please.
God bless you. This crazy vibrator idea worked!! I was dizzy beyond words. Was ready to go to ENT.  The more it tickled the closer i was to the source of the blockage. THANK YOU!!!!
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You have got to wash your nose with warm salt water.
Two irrigation additives that are commonly used are Alkalol and Betadine. Alkalol is an old-time, traditional remedy- a mucous solvent -  that can be found or ordered from pharmacies for about $3 a bottle. You can also now buy it on-line. Google it.  It's a solution of eucalyptus oil, pine needle extract, other plant oils and extracts, and a tiny amount of alcohol, ingredients that together are thought to act as a mucus solvent. Some people find it soothing, others stimulating, others irritating. It's better to start with a small amount rather than the 50/50 ratio of Alkalol to saline indicated in the Alkalol directions.

Betadine (and its generic equivalents) is an iodine-based antiseptic used primarily on superficial skin wounds, though some doctors recommend it to help kill off the pathogens that cause sinus infections. It's best to use only a small amount -- from a few drops to a teaspoon. I have used Betadine in warm salt water to wash my nose using a neti pot several times to clear up sinus infections. Do 4-5 nasal rinse a day when fighting a sinus infection.
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a mucous solvent is meant to break up the mucous mass. vibrations of the resonant frequency of the mucous mass and/or the sinus walls achieves the same result, except that the solvent eats away at the mass, working its way to the sinus walls, while the vibration dislodges the mucous from the sinus walls immediately. Every one of the 30-plus times I have used this technique, I have awoken the next morning with no sinus infection, and no pain. You can squirt solvent into your sinuses for days before ridding yourself of infection. I passed this along to an ENT doctor today, and she was interested in the technique. She's going to discuss it with her colleague who specializes in sinus problems. I will let you know when they figure out that this actually does work better than any technique currently used.
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so you do not do warm salt water rinsing of your nose then? ever? why don't you try it and see how much it helps you? you would not get a sinus infection in the first place if you practiced preventative nose rinsing. i have not had a sinus infection since 1999. and I haven't had but one cold since 199 either. nose washing prevents cold-!
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i have tried that method, sure, but I don't get sinus infections often enough to warrant constant rinsing. I get one or two per year, maybe 3 or 4 sometimes, but they're gone within a day each time, after I use my method. I rarely get colds, but I do have allergies most of the year, and they plague me. My sinus infections mostly stem from my allergies.
Many people struggle with sinus infections that linger for weeks, and I was only hoping to give some people a possible alternative cure that is much easier and much quicker. Rinsing is not a bad practice, but I'm not here to preach rinsing. everyone who deals with sinus infections is aware of the technique of rinsing, but they are not aware that using resonant frequency on their sinus can rid them of their sinus infection in less than a day. I'm not sure why you are resisting considering the possibility, shell, but even if rinsing is as effective a method, what is the harm of an alternative method to consider? If you haven't had a sinus infection for 13 years, then that's great, and I'm happy for you, but some people struggle with them, rinsing or not, and they might benefit from this vibration method.
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I am not against your method if someone has an infection - sure try it. But I SYTILL say daily nasal rinsing is the best thing anyone with allergies or sinus problems can do. Even if your sinus health is normal salt water rinsing is good --it gets the crusts and boogers out of your nose. You brush your teeth each day don't you? You wash your body with soap and water each day I hope. Don't you? Your nose is your FILTER. So keep it clean. That is all I am saying. I disagree with you that EVERYONE who deals with sinus infections is aware of rinsing. Many people are not aware-!!!
I use sinus flush Neil Med bottle almost every day and yes it has changed my life when it comes to allergies (make sure the water is distilled, Amebas can kill you if you don't !). However right now I have a nasty cold, lots of sinus pressure and stuffed up, you do not want to nasal flush when the nose is stuffed or you wind up with water in the ears. I enjoyed the pulsing water on the sinuses when in a steam hot shower which made me wonder if people use a vibrator.  Well I tried it and it gave me instant relief, in fact Im going to get back to it ! Glad to see I wasn't crazy in fact I found another set of instructions on exactly where to use it.
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mightypen--Imagine your nose, with warm salt water flowing through - this is the 'river' you create each time you wash your nose.

Your sinuses are stagnant ponds with small outlets allowing them to drain into the nose. When the saline solution flows past these outlets it creates a low-pressure stream that draws out the contents of the sinus cavities; just like a swiftly moving river would drain a small pond.
It is just common sense to practice this nasal cleansing as a part of daily nasal hygiene. You get rid of allergens, pollution, dust & stagnant mucus.

My allergist calls me a "success story" and congratulates me on achieving "normal" sinus health by practicing daily nose washing. She told me most patients of hers who have had sinus surgery end up worse off. I never thought I would be normal. After my 3rd sinus operation - back in 1995 - I got so depressed because all I could see ahead was more sickness, more surgery and no normal sinus health. But daily nosewashing helped me improve and normalize my sinus health. I can not say enough good things about it. I have also avoided colds by doing this as I already told you.

Nose washing is one of the safest, easiest, cheapest & most beneficial things you can do for yourself. I don't want others to suffer as i did - that is why I encourage everyone I know to protect their sinus & respiratory health by washing the nose-!
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you sure do love your nasal rinsing, hehe. I'm glad you've figured it out
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Thank you so much. This vibration technique makes perfect sense to me.
I don't have a massager or a bass speaker, but I will borrow or get one and let you know. I am on antibiotics for one month, nasal spray - netie pot and least 4x a day and still no relief. I have a deviated septum and will have to get surgery if this keeps up much longer!
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Thank you so much. This vibration technique makes perfect sense to me.
I don't have a massager or a bass speaker, but I will borrow or get one and let you know. I am on antibiotics for one month, nasal spray - netie pot and least 4x a day and still no relief. I have a deviated septum and will have to get surgery if this keeps up much longer!
This is amazing! Thank you I am always trying to tap on my face with a stone to try and do the same thing I can't believe this what do you use to vibrate massager thing I am so excited about this I cannot stand the idea of a Neti Pot it just freaks me out anything having to do with I just can't take it but this I could do too bad I don't have a turntable like in the old days
you so much!
About six different vaporizers so many different essential oil things will go on and on and on but this this would make such so much sense
Since you said you were installing a sound system I can tell you or music lover like me so keep on rocking
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If you are using a Neti-Pot for sinus irrigation, and not getting relief then Alkalol is the next level in clearing the gunk out of your melon. A combination of camphor, spearmint oil, eucalyptas and other magical herbs, Alkalol can take your nasal cleansing to places it has never been before. Just place a few SMALL drops in your Neti-Pot and proceed normally. Be aware that you will expereince a few seconds of intense burning, as if someone had started a fire inside your skull, but you are not dying. It passes momentarily. What occurs after is nothing short of miraculous. For the next several hours you will be snot free and enjoying the wonderful scent of Alkalol. Try it, you will be amazed. Google it. I see several places on-line sell it now. My pharmacy used to
be able to order it for me but now can not & so I buy it on-line:


This product improves the effectiveness of regular Neti pot cleansing. It seems to help with clearing more severe congestion and mucus blockage.
It is refreshing for long after you have cleansed your sinuses. You can control the amount that you add to your rinse and work up to a more powerful solution. Great product .

I was able to defeat a couple of sinus infections by washing my nose several times a day with warm salt water to which I added a teaspoon of Betadine.

Betadine (and its generic equivalents) is an iodine-based antiseptic used primarily on superficial skin wounds.
Both my ENTdoctors recommended it to me after my sinus surgeries help kill off the pathogens that cause sinus infections.
And both docs told me if I ever got a cold and had yellow mucus to begin adding Betadine to the warm salt nosewashing water.
It's best to use only a small amount -- from a few drops to a teaspoon.

I have used Betadine in warm salt water to wash my nose using a neti pot several times to clear up sinus infections.
Do 4-5 nasal rinse a day when fighting a sinus infection.

To get a severely blocked nose to open up you may have to use AFRIN. My allergist told me I could use AFRIN.
get some AFRIN nasal spray from cvs or walgreens

spray that in both nostrils as you lie down. remain lying down for 10 min.
then your nose will be "open".
NOW fill the neti pot with warm salted water and rinse your nose.
with some ALKALOL or Betadine added for best results.
repeat at least 2 times more within 10 hours.
AFRIN works to keep your nose open for 12 hours so you can benefit
from several nose washings in a 10 hour time span.
my allergist told me you can use AFRIN once a day for 10 days.
this is what I use to do to recover from a cold. use the afrin at 7 a.m.
and wash my nose like 5 times before 7 p.m. using alkalol or betadine
at every wash.

do not use the AFRIN for more than 10 consecutive days.
you can get addicted to it but even my doctor said it's ok to use
it for 5-10 days to get over a cold. it really opens up the nose so you can
get the warm salt water IN there to rinse everything OUT.
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i'm crossing my fingers for you, sunny. I'm very, very interested to know the outcome. good luck
mightypen - I have been using a type of TENS machine for my sinus problems and it does move the matter.  I have tried nasal rinses but it makes mine feel worse and of course you may be pushing the infection deeper into your sinus cavity.
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I am glad you have confirmed what I have recently found out too.
I have suffered with sinus problems for over 40 years. I am 62. For the past four years I have been using sinus rinsing daily and when I am gettting a cold twice a day. YET I still got bad sinus infections every year.
This year I went to a physiotherapist who used laser and then massaged my face around the forehead and upper cheekbones....IT WORKED WONDERS.... Now I massage it myself specially when I feel congested and it works. Somehow or other it prevents the congestion.
Thanks for sharing what you experienced.
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5-Step Program to Eliminate Chronic Sinusitis (and 1 more)

by Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD

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I could have written your original post!.  About a month ago I was in bed with an excruciating headache due to sinus infection.  I had read that the humming in meditation was good for dislodging the mucous and thought vibration might be even better so in desperation got mine out and started massaging all around my forehead and under my eyes.  How amazed I was after only a few minutes when something  dislodged, my nose started draining and and my all day headache (right above my left eye) started being relieved.  I couldn't believe it!!!!!!  I would then reposition myself (I had been trying to sleep propped up in bed with 5 pillows behind me) with my head tilted another way and (sorry for the yucky description) mucous would poor out the other nostril.  I must have blown my nose 20 times that night!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  I would say it was a miracle, and have told others about it in the last few weeks.  It is important however to find the right frequency.  I think the trick is:

1. Not do it too long (maybe 5 minutes at a time when you are beginning to try it).  I did it about 20 mins that first time and found that my nasal passage swelled up and I couldn't breathe through my nose for about 10 minutes. (Still had no headache however.!)

2. Find the right frequency.  Too fast may not work.  The battery in my vibrator was old so it was perfect.  

I would say it is a miracle!

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awesome. spread the news, please. :)
yeah, every mass has a resonant frequency, which means that, at that frequency, the vibration waves stack on each other, rather than cancel each other out, and they basically shake the crap out of the mass. It's why singers can break glass with their voice. I believe that's similar to what's occurring here.
Anyway, it's a much better technique than antibiotics, and people need to know about it. I've been trying to get a doctor to take it, but it seems they have no incentive to discuss it with others. I guess pharmaceutical companies can't profit off it, so it remains ignored. ;)
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I really love having the misery of clogged sinuses relieved. The nose washing does this like nothing else-!
the more you do it the more you get used to it. now for me i can not imagine not doing it.
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I know this post is old but I've been using saline nasal rinse daily to try and clear my sinus infection and it doesn't seem to be helping. Unfortunately I don't have anything that would vibrate it out either
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I imagine a decent vibrating massager shouldn't be overly expensive, not compared to a doctor's visit, plus the cost of antibiotics, which you really shouldn't be taking anyway, if you can avoid them.
Or, you could find a store that sells massagers, and just try out one of the trial ones. press it into your head until the people kick you out of the store ;)
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Using a vibrating massager often works well for me to dislodge mucous, especially if I can induce sneezing by running it up the sides of my nose. I've used the saline rinse with both a traditional neti pot and a battery powered sinus irrigator and this helps drain some of it as well. However, neither technique has managed to cure my sinus infections, only temporarily alleviate the stuffiness. I've had a sinus infection now for over 2 months, and I'm really discouraged. I've tried almost everything. It seems to get a little better then comes right back. Been on 2 rounds of antibiotics, used saline rinse, HEPA air filter in my bedroom, steam inhalation, green teas with honey and lemon, apple cider vinegar, warm compresses, antihistamines, you name it. I'm getting really discouraged. I don't know what else to do. I want my life back.
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How powerful is the massager? I use a powerful foot massager; I press my head into it until i feel pain in the area of the infection. It really rattles my head. I press my head in different angles for about 5 minutes. I don't really notice a difference until the next day, when the infection is gone.
Obviously, this post was about vibration, so I don't have any other advice to offer. I don't know any other methods. I hope you can figure out how to rid yourself of the infection. I know how painful and suppressing it can be.
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It's a fairly powerful massager made by Homedics. It's heavyweight, with 2 of those rounded massager heads. Maybe I'm not using it long enough. I certainly haven't used it to the point of experiencing pain in the sinus areas. Just went back to the doc last Friday. He put me on Keflex antibiotic for 3 weeks, prescribed Nasocort steroid spray and a 7-day prescription for prednisone oral steroid tablets. That has eliminated the nasal stuffiness, but I still get bouts of the pressure and drainage down my throat and into my chest. Not sure if this is going to work, but I'm trying to remain optimistic. I appreciate you sharing the info about the vibration therapy. It does help a lot and can provide a great amount of relief, even if it doesn't cure a persistent problem. I believe it could help a lot of people if they were receptive to trying it. Thanks again.
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I hate to beat a dead horse, here, but I'd like to address your technique again. I still think it's possible you are not applying enough force with the massager. You said you don't feel pain in the affected area when you use the massager. When I use mine, I place it on the floor, lay a towel or pillow over it, and I press my head into it, using much of my body weight to press very hard. If you are using your arm strength to press it to your head, you may just be doing it too gently.
Try this: put the massager against the wall, maybe in the corner, maybe with a cloth or pad between it and the wall so it doesn't hurt the wall, and lean into it very hard. push your head into it at different angles until you feel the sore part of your sinuses rattling. When I do it, it always hurts the infected area.
I believe the technique works because you find the resonant frequency of the area of flesh that is affected, and therefore it vibrates enough to detach the mucous from the flesh wall. Then it just takes a day or so for the mucous to drain, and for the inflamed flesh to calm down.
When I do the technique, I feel like my brain is going to rattle itself right out of my head.
I must admit that part of the reason I want it to work for you is because I want to think my technique works, but mainly I just want you to get better. No matter what technique ends up helping, I really hope you solve this problem.
All the best,
Thanks heaps for your suggestion. I also like the helpful, patient, good humoured way you respond to people, even when they're being just a tad dogmatic or obtuse! Just got to find a vibrator shop that I'm not embarrassed to go in to!
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Thanks for posting this - I'll have to try it. I get sinus infections about 3-4 times a year and my sinuses are pretty much always stuffed. Definitely a chronic sinusitis guy and my deviated septum doesn't help things. I pretty much hate nasal irrigation, I don't know many people that do (except for shell921 pretty clearly does, LOL!). Actually I got to this post via another one of her irrigation posts, so thx for that. I have never heard of the resonant vibration technique but worth a shot. I have tried everything, including eating cloves of raw garlic (NOT advisable by the way - for someone who can barely taste anything right now I thought I was going to barf, lol), ACV, nasal irrigation (a lot), oil of oregano (as well as the oil of clove/thyme/cinnamon method people rave about), cinnamon honey, hot toddy (which I do advise if for no other reason than to get a drink in while you feel like crap, ha).  I am currently battling the most brutal infection I've had in a while, but I think I am finally coming down from it, after a week of total hell. I'll tell one thing that I really think helps, and I could be crazy but I've read it a couple other places after I had tried it, listerine. I must admit I kind of love listerine  in general (I know, mosochist), but when I have infections I hit it pretty hard - gargle 2-3 times a day all around and I am pretty convinced it helps tremendously. Last time with lots of water, some Emergen-C, and listerine I battled off a sinus infection in like 24-48 hours; Not so lucky this time. Anyway, I didn't intend to rant on the subject, but thanks, mighty, I will try this technique!  By the way, this post has been up over 3 years now, did your ENT ever confirm the technique?  Appreciate it
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Great information.  I would just like to add that sometimes chronic sinusitis can actually be caused by dental issues. If you have a tooth in your upper teeth that has issues it will impact your sinuses.  Just be aware that this could be a contributing factor to a recurrent sinus infection
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J/K, but I do have a vibrator - the real one - with diff speeds, however, when  you say things like, "powerful bass speaker at the right frequency" and, " The key is finding the resonant frequency of the mass"...I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU MEAN, and it seems others don't follow either.  Is it possible for you to do a you tube video to post?  I just tried it with what I have, using diff speeds, so not sure of the outcome, but if this works...I'M GOING TO TRACK YOU DOWN AND KISS YOU RIGHT ON THE MOUTH!!!
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Thanks so much for your suggestion. I have a history of sinus congestion. My latest month long episode did not even respond to prednisone. I had noticed that walking helps clear things up, and had hypothesized that the jar of the heel on the ground loosens things. Following your suggestion, I went to Brookstone and bought the Mobile Support Massager (it was on sale for $65). It was the best 65$ I have ever spent. It has a variable vibration rate, and after pressing it hard against my nose, forehead, jawline etc, I am free of congestion that has bothered me over a month. Yes, within 24 hours, (over night really) 90% better, another treatment on another day, 100% relief.
Basically when things clear up, then flonase or other topical steroids can get to the surface area and do their job. I also lay back and let it drain down (yep some gets in my throat, an easy price to pay for relief). When my nasal passages clear up, then I can use flonase the normal way. Without the vibration, this would have taken forever to obtain.
For who might try the Mobile Support Massager, use a cloth between the massage end and your face, since on low speeds it can jump off your face and hit you. And press hard, you will know when it is hard enough - the vibration feels great.
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I have had significant relief to sinus pain and pressure after a long car ride in which I was laying in the back seat. I noticed the hum & vibration of the car & then all of the sudden my ears popped and the week following, my sinuses finally started draining. There is something to vibration therapy for sinus infections!
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hey guys why dont you try propel treatment. search it on youtube its really helpful.
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Thank you mightypen. I have suffered chronic sinus problems for many years with no help from the uk's NHS. I already had a body massager as I used this on occasion when the pain was really uncomfortable in my sinuses above my eyes. Over many years I've done all the treatments from the doctors own quack medicines such as antibiotics and steroids and sprays of many kinds through to alternatives such as homeopathy, herbal remedies, essential oils, acupuncture, allergy investigations mdaily netipot and electric spray wash treatments etc etc.... Some had limited effects and I have learnt some stuff but I have always been left with the same problem in the end. The sinuses would block up very easily and I would either be full of headache above the eyes, or so tired or chronically melancholic with no zest for life or real ability to join in with life.
So after reading your post I recovered my mains poweredbody massager ( eBay £10) from the spare room switched it on and decided to give the front of my head the mother of all earthquakes...I did it for 20 mins which seemed a long time.... I pushed the massager hard onto bones in my face and nose round my eyes and varied the pressure from really hard to less hard to vary the frequency too in case the frequency was also going to have an effect as well as the vibration ( frequencies do kill bugs...see Hulda clarke! work) ..anyway afterwards I felt a bit numb but nothing else...in the night I felt like I'd really been stupid I had a sinus headache like no other which carried on through the next day I took sudafed decongestant which helped but not entirely..went to bed next day and slept not too well again. Woke next morning with a sinus pain above my left eye. I took another sudafed . About 2 hours later I hacked mucous down the back of my throat while I was in the kitchen making some tea...not unusual after taking sudafed ( pseudo-ephedrine I think ) and spat it into the sink ...it was different to usual hacked-up mucus ,there was a lot of it , extra slimey and really like a dark dark grey colour. I can only assumed that I had hacked up infected mucus which had made its way through my sinuses into the back of my throat . Anyway. I have been a different person from that moment on. 20 years of hell have ended. I can engage in life again.
So I recommend this method.... you may be able to achieve the same results over a longer period ( days or weeks)  of more gentle vibration , who knows! With all DIY approached to medicine you need to be sensible and maybe let a partner see what your doing too. I'm just saying I'm not stranger to trying stuff out on myself . You may be different. Hope this helps just one person who has suffered like I have all these years. Thanks again mightypen.
I have to say that grey mucus is not a good sign. Can I ask if you smoke anything... if not then please look that up. If you get a sore throat you could have a rare lung condition that is dangerous and and old kind of plague that we still encounter today. Not to scare you. That why I asked the other question or purple soda or candies will create grey mucus even if infected with your average sinus infection. Just want you to be ok.
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Though that you have had to do it several times : "it works every time within 24 hours" , indicates you may only be relieving the symptoms by draining  and not eliminating the cause.

It all depends on the kind and person. But he is on to something. Flownase rhinocort those can help if his method doesn't and you can boost your immune system with certain vitamins Echinacea is a biggy, but highly strong and only use for 2 weeks. Never use more than that in a 6 months period. Then maintain  vitamin tablets for immune system help and minerals. Simple saline can cure a small one, clairatin to help it not reoccur. Sorry to interject I studied homeopathic remedies so I like to tell people the truth instead of big pharm 1st. Gl
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God bless you. This crazy vibrator idea worked!! I was dizzy beyond words. Was ready to go to ENT.  The more it tickled the closer i was to the source of the blockage. THANK YOU!!!!
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This is an old post. But in general, sinus infections that are true infections are caused by bacteria.  Bacteria needs to be eradicated by an antibiotic.  That's true for everyone.  However, clogged sinuses are painful and difficult and breeding ground for bacteria.  A product OTC like mucinex works well for keeping mucus moving within the sinues.  Nasal lavague or a netty pot also is excellent.  luck to all
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I happened to just visit a young man in the hospital with pneumonia due to cystic fibrosis, a disease which causes mucus build up.  While there  they strapped a large vibrating vest on to him!
I’ll bet  any exercise that jostles the body such as jogging would  be effective  too!
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