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odd sinus infection

I've had sinus infections on and off my entire life, but this one is odd.

For the past 6 days now, the right side of my nose ( the side that has a deviated septum ) has been numb and tingly. It feels like there is no blood getting to my brain on that side. When I breathe out the air is hot on that side.

I constantly feel on the verge of an anxiety attack because of this.

My ears are popping, and the sinus rinses over the holidays have only made things worse.
There were about 4 days there where i couldn't breathe because I was so congested...I couldn't eat or drink because swallowing meant not breathing...and the pressure was so great that I couldn't swallow anyway...it would feel like my nose was being sucked down my throat when I tried.

The infection seems to be gone now...instead it's now thick white on right side, mixed with blood at times, and it's clear and runny on the left.
The only thing that's really bugging me now is this numb/tingly feeling and the feeling as though I'm going to pass out from lack of oxygen to the brain.
I can also feel my pulse on the right side of face.
Anyone else get this? How long did it last for you?
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