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sinus pressure & burning brain

For almost 2 weeks now I have had horrible sinus pressure (especially behind the nose pushing forward and now moving out towards my ears) & a burning feeling on my brain. I have no fever, I am not stuffed up and can breath just fine. (I am a healthy 35yr old woman and I do NOT like to go to the Dr unless I have to). I have tried Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, sudafed and nothing has worked. I went to the Dr. and he thought I had allergies (which I do) with a tension headache bordering a migraine. I was given a steroid shot along with 2 doses of Toradol and Codiene pills. After 2 1/2 hours I was still hurting and went to bed. The next day the pain wasn't as bad but I have good days and bad days. Last night (5 days after the first visit) I went back and told them the medicine hadn't worked and I was still in pain. They think now it may be a deep sinus infection and prescribed me Amox-Clav 500mg. Its only been a day but today was brutal. the burning sensation I feel is on the occipital lobe (found a nifty picture so I could be specific) more on the right side but when its bad its both sides. I'd like to mention since I was a teenager I occasionally had a burning sensation on the right side only (near the occipital lobe) that would last a few seconds and then disappear. It just has happened for so long that's become kinda normal. What I find unusual is that they say the sinus pressure should be worse when I bend down but its just the opposite... the sinus pressure seems to subside but the brain pain/burning stays. Oh, and I find that some mornings I feel as right as rain, but it starts to get worse, normally around noon, however today was around 9am. The pressure points at the base of my skull help to relieve the burning/pressure pain in my head but I can't spend all day with two fingers shoved up my nerve endings. If you need an example of the burning... it feels like when you cough and you lungs burn...or like someone has spread icy/hot cream on the lining of my brain. Weird... I know. Thank you for time.
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Sorry....addition to my post. Its the Perietal lobe where the burning is the worst. When its bad like today.... my whole brain feels on fire.
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Did you manage to diagnose this? I have the exact same symptoms. Occipital Neuralgia sounds similar?
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Have the same symptoms.. did you manage to diagnose it?

I'm wondering if it's Occipital Neuralgia?
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