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2mm mole like freckle on heel


I went to my dermatologist for my yearly checkup and I showed him a freckle like mole that I had just seen a few days before.  He applied mineral oil and checked it with a loop and he told me that it was atypical.  He told me to take an appt. to remove it, not an emergency, he assured me that it was not cancer, but to be on the safe side to have it removed.  Now I am all freaked out that it is some kind of melanoma.  I am 38 years old, dark haired, hazed eyes, and light skin. I dont have any history of skin cancer in my family.  What is your opinion.  Thank you in advanced
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I guess something visually didn't look typical ... you really won't know until after the biopsy comes back ... sometimes they look like something they aren't.  Not to minimize it at all, but help you to relax until you have it removed and biopsied.

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