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Amelanotic melanoma, disappears when pressed?

A friend of mine has this red spot in the back. It might be 1,5x2 cm.
We don't know for how long, it's been there. It's red, completely flat, like touching normal skin. When you press a finger on it, the redness will disappear and then come back.

I worry a bit about it, any thoughts?  
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Hello and welcome.  When you press on skin and it turns white and then regains color after, that is called blanching.  So, your concerned about this spot on your friend's back.  With melanoma, they say to follow the ABCDE's. A, asymmetrical, B, border (melanoma usually doesn't have a distinct border), C, changes in color (same color over time, less likely), D, diameter (usually a quarter of an inch in diameter and grow over time), and E, evolving (changes in color, shape or size).  https://www.healthline.com/health/amelanotic-melanoma#life-expectancy-and-prognosis  Please do have a doctor take a look at it and let us know.
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