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Basal Cell or what?

So I went to the dermatologist for these skin sores that I get in the summer, for about 5 years now. They start off like pimples then turn into horrible sores that have white puss stuff in them and leave skin indentions, and it takes them anywhere from weeks to months to heal depending on the size. They always develop on my chest and the scars are horribly ugly. My first and biggest one left a scar that looks like a cigarette burn. I didn't get one last summer but this year I got 2, and another one is forming right now. My doctor said it could be basal cell but he just gave me some cream to put on it for heat rash and I swear using it made the first scar look like it's getting deeper (but it could be my imagination since I'm watching them so closely now). I also put it on the one that is forming and no effect. I have another dermatologist appointment in a larger city later this month, but I've done a lot of online research and the only thing it's pointing to is basal cell.
Additionally, a mole that I've had forever has recently changed, it's in a private area so I only took a picture and showed it to my family doctor at an unrelated to skin appointment, he looked at it and said it was halo nevus but I see no halo especially compared to the pictures online of it.
Any ideas on what these things are?? Oh and I do have quite a few moles (maybe around 100, my arms have tiny ones and I counted 30 on each arm, give or take) and I have had a few removed and biopsy's on them (always negative) but I live in NC with a lot of heat and sun today it's 104. Just looking for some opinions, I'm getting kind of nervous and it feels like my next appointment (August 15th) is way too far away.
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