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Both big toes hematoma/ bruise or nail melanoma?

Hello, I'm a 34 yrs old woman. Both of my big great toes look bruised at the toe nail around the inner lateral nail folds.. I noticed this about 2 or 3 weeks ago. No injury,no strenuous exercising,changes of shoes, etc. I'm debating on hematoma or nail melanoma. I know nail melanoma is rare, especially same toes simultaneously, but I just want to be on the safe side because im scared.. Is it possible when someone does get this rare melanoma CA that someone would get it on both big toes? My grandmother died at age 50 from skin melanoma...I wish I could take pics and post for people to see.I won't have peace of mind until I see a derm..
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I seems highly unlikely that you would get melanoma on both toes at the same time.  Here's a good article detailing risks, with some photos and explanations about the differences (and progression) of a hematoma versus melanoma:; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2987777/  It also lists the risk factors.  Unless you live in a super sunny climate, where your toes are exposed to the sun a lot, it is HIGHLY unlikely.

It's always good idea to see a doctor if you're concerned, but I wouldn't be overly concerned about melanoma unless you've got several of the risk factors - the most important one being heavy sun exposure.
Thank you much and I'm sorry for the late response. I saw a dermatologist and he was confident to say it was bruises under my toe nails.
No apology needed!  I'm just glad it turned out to be bruises.
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Did this turn out to be a bruise? I have dark under my big toe currently but think it is a bruise.  I keep painting the toe nail trying not to think about it.
Hello and yes, it ended up being bruises under both toenails. Mine was on both toes though.. chances of being on both toes was unlikely. If your shoes are tight it can cause bruising or if you are a runner, etc. I saw a dermatologist who put me at ease and confident on saying hematoma. Then a week after my appt, I cut the nail down (past the bruising). Before my dr appt I had taken pictures every week to follow the status (like if it got bigger or changed in appearance). Let me know how you make out. I hope all goes well for you
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