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Congenital Mole---9 year old

My daughter has had a mole on her forearm since she was very young.  It has always been on the larger size and it continues to grow proportionally with her.  I am just concerned because its about 5 mm and I know they say anything more than 6 mm is concerning.  She sees a dermatologist yearly and we have always been told to just watch it along with all her other moles.  I am wondering if anyone thinks it looks concerning or irregular???
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As long as it doesn't change color or get rough edges it's probably fine. It's not really size, it's changes in color, texture and shape that you need to be concerned with. I had a melanoma mole that the doctor said was the largest he'd ever seen and I was probably going to die. After horrible and deforming surgery on thigh and groin my lymph nodes were clean. So I think the medical community should stop saying size means anything. That was almost 28 years ago & that doctor is thrilled he was wrong.
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