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Could my mole be cancerous

I have a mole on the side of my torso about half way upon my left side, when i first noticed it, it was fairly small and barely raised. After a whilei started to notice it had gotten alot larger and raised quite quickly and become very dark in colour along with little bumps, it also started to get a red ring around it like it was inflammed and been irritated but was fairly painful and itchy at times. I asked some people family and friends, and got myself to the doctors who referred me to a specialist. By this time it was a couple weeks down the line and it had gone bck to  when i first noticed it, pinky, nearly flat and quite small and the man said it didnt seem like it was worth me going and it didnt seem worth cutting out. Said to leave it and see how it goes, but then about a week or 2ago ive noticed its come more raised, darker, texture slightly different and more itchy and can just feel it there. It has a dark purper centee with a purpley red ring around it just under 10mm all together. Finally in the last day or so its now going back to a reddy purplish colour and gone down alot from how raaised it was. Ive looked a cancerous moles and stuff and none i can find that match this does anyone know what it could be.?  i will be going doctors by end of week probably but if anyone knows what it could be might save me a trip.
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My dermatologist readily removes anything I'm concerned about just in case.  Don't mess around with skin cancer, because you never know.  I'd get that thing removed.

My basal cell cancer was like a scar/scab that itched a bit and never healed.  It didn't look like cancer.
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Don't ask . Go to your dermatologist and get a proper answer
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