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Does Immune Cream work on Skin Cancer

I am currently under a derm's care for about two months after suddenly, two red dots appeared on my nose and didn't clear.  He said they were suspicious and froze them.  When back three weeks later, still there froze them again.  Also, prescribed me a cream and said that if they were, in-fact, cancerous that they would react to the cream.  I don't have the name of the cream with me at the moment of writing this, but it is a cream that stimulates your immune system to fight the cancer.  Anyhow, I had a big reaction to the cream and my nose looks horrible right now!  

Saw him again the other day and he wants me to continue the cream for another week, then take two weeks off and then I go see him again.  He says that surgery is always the last resort (and I agree) but everything I've read says that the cancer needs to be cut out.  I'm worried about that because the cancer is more towards the tip of my nose...

Anyhow, I'm looking to see if anyone has had success curing their skin cancer on their face using this cream..?

Thank you.
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Sorry to hear about this. I'm 32 and have had my fair share of basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma. I think the cream you are referring to is Imiquimod/Aldara? It is essentially a topical chemo. Generally if it scabs it means it's working. Unfortunately I haven't had great success with it and have had to have the cancer surgically removed. Not sure where you live, but I have fantastic Doctor recommendations in NYC. Let me know if you want more info. Sending positive vibes your way :)
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