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Have I got a cancerous mole

I am 16years old and have fair skin and I’m a girl. I have been sunburned a few times in the past. I have a mole on my arm that I am very worried about. I don’t really check/notice new moles or freckles and so when I noticed this one I started to panic. It’s not bleeding, itching or swollen or has any pus. I did pick it stupidly and I think it started to scab up. It has now been two weeks and it hasn’t grown at all but I think as I have been applying moisturiser to it the scab is healing. It has a hair on it and I have got it check by my doctor and 2 pharmacists. They said it doesn’t look to concerning but I am scared that maybe it the early stages. It’s isn’t symmetrical but that’s it really. Is it common or should I be really worried?? Also it’s about the size of the end of a pencil(where you write with the led side).
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