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How does this mole/birthmark look??

My daughter who is 4, had this mole removed on Friday.  It was on the sole of her foot.  It has grown about 2mm in 2 years as her foot as grown almost 3 sizes.  It wasn't bothering her in anyway.  The derm decided to remove it because it was in such a hard to watch place.  I am nervously awaiting the biopsy.  The procedure was so traumatic for her and I hope to put this all behind us.  Any opinions on how the spot looks???  Normal?  Hope someone can help.  Thanks!
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There's no way to tell by just the look of it.
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Thanks.  I understand that....that is why we did the biopsy.  Just wanted an opinion.  Thanks.
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:] No problem.
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I personally think it looks fine. I'm not a doctor but if you search acral nevi you will see tons of benign moles that look like that. They do look odder on the feet. She does have a good reason for it having grown but I guess better safe than sorry. I hope you hear the good news soon.

Take care of both of you while you're waiting.
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Well....it came back moderately atypical compound nevus(dysplastic).  She needs to have the margins re-done since the derm didn't get it all.  We will have this done under anesthesia, because the local biopsy was TRAUMATIC for her.  Not great news....but I guess it could be worse.  Thanks for your input.  
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Poor little thing having to have anesthesia.

Good luck.
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