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Is this a hemorrhoid or melanoma?

I joined this site specifically for this post. I have an appointment with a GP but it's not for two weeks and I'm starting to loose sleep over worrying. A few weeks ago I started to notice some rectal bleeding. I did some reasearch and assumed I had hemorrhoids. I tried to touch down there to see if I could feel a bump and sure enough I could. But last week I decided to look with a hand mirror. There was clearly a skin tag and a kind of blue lump, but what concerned me was a very black spot next to the other two hemorrhoids. This seemed very dark (basically black) and there was no lump, just a flat spot. i touched the spot and it didn't hurt, but it was sensitive to touch. Similar to when you touch a fresh spot after you've popped a blister over it. Kind of hot and sensitive like, but not painful per se. Do to the area and the fact that it's basically inside my anus it's hard to judge the whole asymmetrical, consistent color test that you usually do with moles. I've read that hemorrhoids can be black but this isn't painful and it just seems to flat to be a hemorrhoid. I managed to take some pictures if there's a way to post them here (is there?) I don't understand how hemorrhoids really work and if a black spot inside the anus can just be a hemorrhoid that healing or a blood clot or something but I would love some input.
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