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Is this a normal mole or?

Hi, I am 21 year old and had a mole on my face since ever, it has been growing slowly since my early teens but i considered it normal now after some research on skin cancer i am a bit concerned if it's a normal mole or should i have it checked.
Unfortunately I can't go to a doctor at the moment due to economical pressure so I want to have an opinion so I can manage my financial and get my priorities right, if it's something that needs to be checked of course i have to put my health on priority but I can't afford to lose a single penny at the moment.
It's bothering me if i scratch it or touch it for a bit, not instanly but i have been trying to feel if there are hairs coming so i can relief a bit my self, i think that's due to the hair though.
I will provide some photos.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi,I am not a doctor but I have a mole on my wrist since i was a kid,this summer half of it became darker,so I got REALLY worried,I went to a derma and she told me it is fine but if anything else happens,like growing or fading,I should go to her again.What I am saying is that before searching for symptoms on the internet I was so "cool" about those,internet tends to scare people about hygiene,because they show the worst case scenarios...almost in every case.This mole you have might be a simple atypical mole,nothing to worry about,but these ones have higher chances to become...you know.If you really worried you should have it checked.Also hair has nothing to do with the health of the mole.I know this sound stupid and you have heard of it already,but you should look at the ABCD (Assymetry,Border,Color....)
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