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Is this skin cancer?

Hi I have health anxiety and a huge worry for me is skin cancer. I never let myself burn and alwyas check my skin. I’m 25 and female. I unfortunately got sunburned in May 2018 and I had a tiny pale freckle/mole on my forehead which was completely normal in colour size shape and texture pre burn. My skin peeled a few days after the burn and I picked at the skin on the freckle as it was peeling and it went red and scabbed over I picked again a few days later. After 2 months the freckle disappeared completely I now have a scar from where I picked it. I previously mentioned it to my doctor in June 2018 along with other health worries and he didn’t seem bothered. I googled and it said melanoma can disappear and spread and I am freaking out now my skin was complete normal before it got burned and I picked it. Should I be worried or am I overreacting? I live in Ireland too btw and am fair skinned but apart from that one time I am usually cautious with the sun.
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