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Melanoma Questions

So I was referred today by my doctor since I noticed a mole on the left side of my foot, don't remember if I had it for awhile or not since it's not a area i look at all the time plus my memory isn't that great. My sister thought it's been there but Im not sure. The doctor said the color was too black which made her want me to get seen and the borders weren't sharp plus it was asymmetric. I put up the picture since I really don't know. It was measured at 2.5mm. I'm seeing the dermatologist on wednesday, but i'm still scared now and freaked out. I'm 26 and of asian indian descent.

What factor does color play into a melanoma diagnosis? Is darker usually an indicator? If it is melanoma is the fact that it's super small in diameter good for potential staging if it unfortunately a cancer? I don't sunbathe either or tan, no one in my family has had melanoma from what i know. My dad does have lupus with a possibly cyst on his kidney and my mom had a stage 1 pineal gland tumor that was removed for a family background.

Opinion on the picture would be helpful since I don't know if the borders really are jagged it looks asymmetric but it seems only slightly asymmetric.
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No itching or anything
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