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Mole trippled in size

Hi everyone I'm concerned about my dad. He has a mole on his ear that in the frame of two months tripled in size and changed colour.it used to be flat and about 2 millimetre in diameter but now it is about 6 millimeters and it became grey and it bleeds when he scratches it,it is oval shaped with well defined edges and looks like there's veins on it's surface. i never noticed it there but he says he's got it there for years but it became bigger and grey.he's 70 year old.he showed it to a doctor in a developing country but over there doctors are pretty much like "butchers " no empathy whatsoever.the doctor said it is fine but I don't trust his opinion, so I booked him an appointment with a specialist but the waiting time is 1 month.can someone give me a second opinion please. Thanks
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