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New mole

I am a 52 year old female and I have a new mole that looks very different from the rest of my moles. I have hundreds of moles all over my body. I come from a moley family. My Dad had many moles removed before he died. He never told me if they were cancerous.

I have a Dr appointment next week and I'm going to ask her to look at it. It has appeared about a month to month and a half ago. I can not recall if perviously there was a mole there or not. i have noticed it getting larger and larger and taller. Its now about the size of the tip of a brand new crayon. It's about 2 mm across. it is fairly round and very smooth except on one side it looks like it may be starting to look more like a cauliflower edge if you look very closely. It is not flat like the rest of my moles. It is raised and domed. It does not hurt to touch it. it reminds me of a blood blister or a nasty pimple ready to pop. It's color is very dark brown to black.

it has me worried and of course i have been surfing the web. Yes, know that thats a drs. worst nightmare. I found pictures on the web of nodular melanomas that look quite a bit like it, but then again I think I am freaking myself out. I need someone to talk me down from my worry wort ledge. 
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Good on you getting it checked out.2mm is very small and if it only turned up a month ago even if it was your worst fears that is getting onto things very very early in the piece.

There are other things it could be. it could be an angioma but you are wise to get it checked out as it is changing.

Take care and let us know how you get on.
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