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I posted a question a few weeks ago about some spots on my leg. They turned out to be nothing. But I showed the PA 2 very small ones on my side I’ve had for several years. She said they needed a biopsy to see if it’s nothing or if I don’t have long to live. I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks which I made clear to them. Who is a PA to make this kind of diagnosis before a biopsy and only being a PA with only a few years experience. Ended up in the ER with a severe panic attack. As a precaution they did an EKG, chest X-Ray and bloodwork- all text book normal. I’m going to a different place where I can see an actual doctor. As for the spots. They are on my side about 6 inches apart. I’ve had them several years. They’ve never changed size, they are flat, they are darker brown, and are both less than a pencil eraser. They do have uneven borders and the PA claimed one was multiple colors which I do not see. Given that these have never bothered me(no bleeding, crusting or itching) and my clear chest X-ray, normal bloodwork, and no palpable lymph nodes anywhere is it safe to assume that even if these were melanoma it’s still very early? Upon doing some research I learned this PA has told other patients similar stuff. My appointment with a real doctor is in 2 weeks and she came highly recommended with 35+ years experience. Any thoughts would be appreciated
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That was a pretty unprofessional statement by the PA.

It seems unlikely that you would have advanced melanoma given your description of the moles, and your bloodwork.  They don't even really sound like melanoma at all.  Work with your doctor and make sure you mention the PA's unprofessional behavior and the trouble it caused you.
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