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Pregnant with Basal Cell Carcinoma

Hello,I just got a call from my doctor that 2 of the samples they removed, one from my face and the other from my chest, are skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma).  I have a few questions that are concerning me:
-I am 33 weeks pregnant.  Is the Mohs surgery safe for a pregnant woman and her baby?  I would like to get it taken care of quickly before my baby is born as long at it is safe for her.  My doctor scheduled the Mohs surgery for next week. Have other pregnant women gone through this surgery?My doctor says it is safe but I always like to make sure on this kind of thing.
-I noticed the one on my face about a year ago but thought it was nothing until it did not go away.  It is a small bump above my eyebrow and grew very slowly.  Does this mean I caught it late and it is more likely to have spread?
-I have a lot of moles all over my body and I am now concerned also about melanoma.  Are my chances of developing melanoma increased because of the basal cell carcinoma?

As you can see I have a lot of questions and this is the last thing I want to go through during my pregnancy.  Thank you in advance for answering my questions.  I am very worried and would like any advice you can give me.
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Hi .. I am a mom of four children so I fully understand your valid concerns.  I would definitely ask your Dermatologist who removed them, your OB/GYN and you can always ask your Primary Care Doc, too and then get all 3 opinions to move forward with.    I don't know if basal cell promotes melanoma more readily or not.  I have had some pre cancerous lesions removed on my face via freezing, numerous atypical nevi removed, and one very early melanoma.

The only corelation of anything that was presented to me w/ my history is Pancreatic Cancer and Melanoma Gene Marker .. and my dad died from Pancreatic Cancer. I prefer not to take the marker test even though it is available.  My OB/GYN shared that point of reference/interest to me at my  last checkup which was so thorough of him, but not something I care to do at this point in my life.  Instead, I'll be healthy and proactive.

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