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Raised brown mole on vulva after minor trauma. Melanoma or atypical mole?

I am Asian and I know that skin cancer, especially melanoma is uncommon among Asian people. I'm female, just 23. About 3 years ago, I found something like keratosis pilaris on my labia majora, I didn't really know what is was, stupid me, I picked it off. Then a mole formed, it was bigger than the original dots which was picked off. At first I thought it was a keloid scar but it is likely to be a mole because it has hairs (mostly on the border). It has 2 shades of brown, about 5mm, darker in center. The border is irregular and gently fades into normal skin. It is slightly raised and smooth to touch. It is not hard at all and just on the surface of skin, so it is not a dermatofibroma. And it is raised so it is not postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. No itch, no pain, and maybe no change.

I'm so worried that Google gives me the results of melanoma anytime I search about it. Any idea? Thank you!!!
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