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Raw skin on nose for almost a year

For about a year now I've had a reddish spot on the upper right part of my nose. Every now and then it will itch just a little bit, not bad like poison ivy or a mosquito bite but I may find myself scratching it once or twice, or atleast I used to before I decided to stop touching it altogether.

It seems it may have spread a little bit over the past year. It's now also on the lower part of the right side of my nose. The redness reminds me of skin that's trying to heal but it never quite heals. Lastnight I scratched it maybe too hard with water and the very top layer of skin kind of came off almost as if I was picking the dead skin off.  Now the spots look like an open sore almost. I read a few websites here and there and since the main part dimples in the middle I was afraid it was skin cancer as I read one form of skin cancer seems to resemble what I see.

I've finally called around to make a dermatologist appointment but unfortunately I have to wait nearly 2 months to be seen. I'm worried that it may be something as I'm 29 and have had my fair share in the sun. While I'm waiting my friends are asking what's with my nose and I would rather not have to explain it. I liked my skin the way it was before this happened. :) I didn't want to touch it but it's been looking different lately meaning there is now a spot that looks dented inward while the skin around is slightly raised and when I was watching my face and gently used my fingernail to scrape away any dead skin i was basically pulling off little flakes of skin and it really didn't hurt or anything but now the skin is raw and looks worse.

I also noticed that the areas seem to get really oily..... Perhaps the problem is oil based? I'm hoping it's no form of skin cancer and would like to get it checked out and taken care of right now but it looks like I have to wait 2 months. I can also call on occasion and try to find if anyone cancelled their appointment. Anyone ever experience this before?
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Hi i have more a less the same as you i have a appointment in november
please let me know hoe u get on
i have been using hydrocortisone
and wash face in aqueos cream
hope this helps
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I have something on my chin very I scratched it and it peeled and for over 10 days won't heal, years ago In my late 30s I had peeking itching around my nose, I was told it could be hormones but was told by the doc NOT to use Hydrocortisone  on my face as it thins the skin,He gave me Reytinol A, RA  strieghnthens and heals the skin. It caused more peeling and flaking at first but after a few weeks cleared up, I don't know what this brown dry spot is on my chin but I think it's not the same, But Untill you see your Doc I would stick with Tripple Antibiotic ointment /pain relief. Hope that helps.
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