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I am due to get 2x b.c.c and a squamous c. removed from my nose, been told I have to have two skin grafts, is there any other alternative. One is on the corner of my nose near my eye and the other two on the front of my nose.  
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Check on MOHS surgery;  I have had numerous bcc's removed and one decent size squamous on my nose; no graft and it looks fine.  Good luck
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Depending on how deep these are and what kind of basal cell they are (there are many kinds).  I am doing some research and now looking at radiation therapy vs. mohs.  My daughter has an infiltrative/nodular basal cell on her nostril and has been told by several drs. she will need reconstructive surgery which may or may not involve a graft, it may just be a "flap", but either one is invasive and radiation may be an option.  We are awaiting results in order to determine the correct course of action.  You may want to ask your doctor if this may be an option for you or the use of Aldara (topical chemo).  Good luck.
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thank you winikor for your info. still waiting on letter from hospital, for time to go.  I think he did mention  a flap too.  The day i went for initial consultation  I dont think i took it all in.  
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