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Should I be worrying about skin cancer risk?

So yesterday was club rush at my college campus and I was participating in it trying to promote my club. It was held outdoors from 12 PM-2PM and it was super hot like 100+ degrees but we were covered by tents (or whatever you call those things that give you shade). I wasn't under the tent the whole time because I was walking around trying to talk to other people. Anyway, I was being stupid and I forgot to put sunscreen on my arms and legs. I remembered to put some on my face though for some reason. Now I'm getting worried for some reason because I'm scared that my risk for skin cancer just increased because I forgot to put some sunscreen on my arms and legs and now I feel stupid for forgetting. I've been trying to get into the habit of putting on sunscreen more often. Should I be worried about skin cancer? If it helps I'm a 21 y/o Filipino/Chinese male. I don't remember ever getting sunburnt from the sun when I was younger but I would get a bit dark. I feel like my skin is not pale but it's not like dark. I feel like it's in the middle. Also why I'm scared of skin cancer is because I read that skin exposure during childhood could greatly increase risk later on and I remember I would always wear sandals in sunny weather and my feet would always get dark and I was wondering if this could contribute to my skin cancer risk? Should I be worried about skin cancer or is it just being my hypochondriac self again? Sorry for the long post but thank you for taking the time to read my question!
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