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Should I stop using Differin Gel?

A couple years ago I was put on a cream that noticeably decreased and practically eradicated the acne I had.  The cream contained adapelene, however, it was eventually taken off my insurance and became far too expensive.  I used this cream in the winter, and as such I never had to worry about the risk of sun exposure with it.

Recently I was told that Differin became over the counter, and worked well for acne.  I didn't really know what was in it at the time, but it worked phenomenally!  I started using Differin in May, but I now realize Differin also contains Adapalene.  Should I be worried about sun exposure while using Differin/adapaline?  I noticed the container says not to use it on sunburns, but nothing about not using it in the sun.

I use the cream at night, but I also realize that it's a long term treatment... and as such just because I use it at night, does not mean the sensitivity is gone in the morning/day.

I have been out in the sun after using Differin before, and my skin became a normal level of irritated... nothing too unusual.

I will be working outside for 8 hours a day here soon, during the peak periods.  I'm not too worried about being sun burnt, as it's never been too much of an issue for me.  I might get a little pink, but it's gone the next day.  I worry about the long term affects of skin damage, a cure for acne is most definitely not worth attaining something like cancer.

I appreciate the help.
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