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Skin cancer?

36 year old female - white - blonde - fair. I have always had several moles - mostly brown and flat with 5-10 larger raised ones for many years.  Since having 2 children in the past 5 years, I have had several new moles form each year.  The new ones are darker brown and flat and fairly small - but in new places, like the forearms and back of thighs.  Recently I have had a few tiny BLACK dots arise on my upper thighs out of nowhere.  They look like pepper flakes and are truly darker than any other marks I have.  They are fixed in place and can not be easily rubbed off or scraped with a fingernail.  They seem only slightly raised - like a scab - but are obviously better attached.  I have picked at 2 of them with tweezers and scraped them off with minimal bleeding (seems like a black scab when off)  After a few days, the skin seems to return to normal.  If it were serious, would the black return or could something just be happening under the skin now?  The skin all around is healthy - no infection or itching with the black spots.  They are so small - but a friend said they had a pinhead sized black mark and had to have half the skin from his chest removed because it was melanoma.  Can melanoma this small be detected by a dermatologist or GP or do I just need to leave them and see if they grow taller (one of the ones I picked at was more raised - it was on my back thigh and I did not realize what it was until I scraped it off)
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The answer to your question is no you don't have to leave things to see if they grow taller. It always pays to get new moles checked out by a doctor. New moles can turn up after pregnancy but still pays to get someone to look at them.

Take care.
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