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Tingling sensation in mole when pressed on

So I am really worried about a mole I have that I have actually had since I was very young. It is a intradermal nevus and it has always been raised but over the years its gotten bigger, changed from a darker brown to more of a tan around the edges and is about 6-7 mm big, so its kind of big already. It also has hairs growing but I've heard that a mole with hair can still be cancerous. My biggest concern with it right now is that I am not sure while all of a sudden a couple days ago it seemed to have like a pimple or it raised a bit to where when I touch that spot it hurts a little bit, it almost feels like a cut or scab on the mole but there is no visible cut on my mole in that spot and it looks fine it just feels like a scrape on top of it. Also the biggest worry for me was that when I pressed down on it, I felt a quick sharp stabbing pain that felt like it went down into the mole but it only lasted like 2 seconds. Today, however now around that area I kind of have like a burning sensation and I noticed I have 2 pimples under the skin in that area as well, or ingrown hair spots. Would tingling be a worrying sign and should I see my dermatologist as soon as possible as if it is potentially melanoma I don't want it to get worse. Thank you.
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