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Tiny red spots on skin

Hello everyone,
Let me start by saying these tiny red spots that turn brown over time is no joke at all. They are baby bed bug bites...yes Bed bugs !! I always thought it was just a saying "don't let the bed bugs bite" but it is true. My husband and I stay in Atlantic City and brought a few bugs home with us, after looking up what kind of bug it was in our suit case...it freaked me out. I searched the house for weeks and look up online for signs but couldn't find any signs in our bed that we had any. I was loosing my mind over this whole gross thing. I was not ichy but I started getting little tiny red spots on me, my son, and my husband...I looked online to find no one really knew what they were. Then I found a bed bug in our bed ..
I called terminx to find they were bed bugs...Gross I feel like I have been invaded in my own home I can't sleep thinking of these little things sucking my blood at night. Well we are three weeks in treatment of our home( this can take up to a year) I went crazy through out new beds ect.. I now sleep on a blow up bed so they cant hide in my bed( they hide in your mattress til night) If you have tiny red pin dots on your skin or even have raises ichy bites ( the ichy ones come from the adult bed bugs and these bites ich for weeks) more than likely you have been sucked on by a bed bug...please check your home. I am told that bed bugs have come back after so many many years, and that most hotels have them and you just bring them home from a hotel or someone brings them to your home. The baby bed bugs look like poppie seeds you dont even see their legs or even see them crawl , but you know what they are when you kill them they leave a black smear. Please lets all be aware so that I never ever get these things again. My house has always been super clean you can eat off my floors ... not only dirty people can get these !!! I have never ever felt so grossed out in my life I spend me days steaming and cleaning over and over to end this problem. Good luck !!!
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Just out of curiosity, how long do the bright red dots last?
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i have like 2-3 red dots on my stomach. they have not turned brown and do not itch. i can only assume that they are bed bugs..not too sure but look at what i found! i plan to purchase this because i believe it will help.



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well, mine have been red for some time.
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idk if its in my head or what.....but recently I was exposed 2 someone who may or may not have scabies. of course as soon as I found this out, I began 2 feel like I had things crawling on my skin. then the next day I was sitting outside under a tree & where I felt like I had something crawling/itching ever so lightly, I saw a teeny tiny red SOMETHING! not positive if it was a bug or what. I found 2 more while sitting under the tree (all on my arm). I immediately went into a full fledge panic & went 2 our local emergency walk in. the doctor there tried 2 assure me that I DID NOT have scabies, but have me a cream just 4 my own peace of mind. now its been a few weeks & although  at times I still feel the slightest feeling that there is ssomething  ' ticking' my skin, I kind of put it out of my head. but thrn yesterday I thought I found another one of these tiny red things. idk if its coincidence or not but it seemed that in the spots where I thought I saw red bug, tiny red dots were also on my skin, maybe even under the skin. there is minimal itching, if any so I doubt its scabies. but I was just wondering if anyone out there has experienced anything like this? the tiny red things u found almost were flat & smaller than the size of a flea. almost resembled a flea but I didnt see any legs or any movement 4 that matter. the dots on my skin that I have found are not raised & the ones that I found initially are now fading 2 a more brownish color. this could b nothing but the hypochondriac in me says its something! & the more I read online, the more paranoid I have become! Any stories or info would be greatly appreciated. thanx, mhart
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I've been in a war I truly do not know how to fight since the first week in August.  I am a disabled Vietnam Era Vet and an enemy I can at least confront is, please don't misinterpret here, at least a doable thing.  I live alone in a 2-bedroom apartment and am now sleeping on an industrial strength air mattress for the same reason.  I've discarded every bed cover, sheet, pillow, pillow-case, blanket, and even a comforter I wanted to weep over to see it go.  I may have had bedbugs but after a professional spraying I am now fighting arachnids and other biting insects.  I have 2 dozen documented bites at the VA and half a dozen small Isopropyl Alcohol filled bottles with parts, whole arachnids and things one just has nightmares about.

The bedbugs are a serious matter.  I now know more than I ever dreamed I would want to know about creepy-crawly things.  I know the Latin names for all I've seen, captured and bottled or just smashed - because, well this had to be said from a Vietnam Vet - I cant' shoot them!  I sincerely think I could host a blog now on "things that go biting in the night".  Therefore I have some sincere observations about your posting.

Never discount anything you are concerned about for yourself or your family.  No web site, no blog, no kind advise from someone with the warmest intentions can or should replace an objective visit with your health care provider.

You started your posting with "Tiny red spots on skin".  I thought I was about to read of someones experience with "Cherry Angiomas"  I have lots of them.  I know what they are, what causes them and I treat them expecting to see them go away.  Copied to here from Wikipedia: "They usually appear at or near the surface of the skin. Angiomas may appear anywhere on the body, and may be considered bothersome depending on their location. However, they may be present as symptoms of another more serious disorder, such as cirrhosis. When they are removed, it is generally for cosmetic reasons."  Also from the same source; They are tiny BENIGN tumors, smooth,aboutt pin-head sized, very red, and sort of come with age.

Review many good dermatological sites and you will discover there are literally hundreds of things that might be first spotted as a "tiny red spot".  Again, please enjoy the web but trust your MD.

Just for the heck of it, here's your little creature in formal language:

Cimicidae  (Sounds like a cool Summer drink huh?, It ain't!!!)  Or complete:
"Cimex lectularius", Lot more ominous sounding now huh?

Don't fear them - FIGHT them, and don't stop, just be calm about it. "Advise from a combat veteran now that's weird". Never leave, or come home with them  These are insidious little monsters.  And YES, BEDBUG infestations are becoming more "in the news" in civilized societies in recent years. [Both Latin name and update from Wikipedia]  May I suggest a site you likely have not heard of but you are sure to love it.  " Qwiki ******* "
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