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Two scary moles- melanoma or normal?

So I'm 24, rarely go in the sun and only got a tan/burn maybe twice in my life.  I wear SPF 40 daily although not always on my body (My body skin is rarely exposed to the sun anyway)  I have two moles that worry me.

The first one is kind of irregular but normal-colored. About 4-5mm. I've had it as long as I can remember, and last year I asked a nurse practitioner about it.  She said it was a mole with a few freckles around it, but I'm still worried about it because I'm not sure if she's qualified to diagnose it:


The second one is right under my lip.  It's really tiny, maybe 1mm, and barely even noticeable, but it's new, and when I stretch the skin it takes on a slightly irregular shape which worries me.

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I'm not a doctor and haven't looked at your pictures but if you've seen someone about the first one I'd take their word over people on the internet. The second one is very very small and if irregular when you're stretching it I don't think that counts as irregular. If it grows or changes colour/shape/height then see a doctor. Take care.
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get them checked asap
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