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Weird thing on skin

Hi,I am 17 years old,got a burn on july and now i noticed this thing on my upper back,right when the neck ends,it lookd like one of those crusts on epidermic wounds but then i took a closer look with my webcam(which has a focus mode ,setted as close as I could) could someone please help me identify what it is,I visited a dermatologist last week and she looked some molesthat looked strange and she said they all looked good,but she didn't notice this thing.Here are some pics,the resolution isn't good but it is the best i could get.Also,this ...thing is on size of 7mm

First thing that I thought is melanoma and I am really worried,Derma said I have not to worry about them as they very rare on teens,I have about 40 moles on which 4 of the are atypicall.
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