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What is the Likelihood that I Have Invasive Melanoma?

I already have a derm appt.  I have a few asymmetrical moles that are between 4 and 2mm wide. All flat, same color roughly, and painless. They are however assymetrical with irregular shaped borders. The largest is about 4 x 3mm and kinda football-shaped. Been there about 4 years and hasn't appeared to change. A 2mm one is very much shaped like Ohio. Not sure how long I've had some of them.....at least a few years. Now I know it's "possible" for any of them to already be invasive melanoma, but is it "likely"? Should I be in panic mode? Has anybody had experience with "small" melanomas? Thanks.
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Usually, a mole that doesn't change in color or size isn't melanoma.  Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to be proactive, as you are doing, and have the moles examined in-person by a dermatologist.  and, if the doc thinks it's suspicious, have it biopsied.  

You should NEVER be in panic mode, especially prior to evaluation.  There's no telling if your moles are even cancerous, much less whether they're invasive.  In addition to the significance of the diameter of the mole is the depth - that's what's used, in part, to determine staging, and can only be determined by biopsy.  This page has a lot of helpful info, including the link to their other page describing diagnosis, and how staging is determined: https://www.cancer.net/cancer-types/melanoma/symptoms-and-signs

Also note that most are about 6mm or larger.  I'm glad you're getting them checked out, if only for peace of mind.  Please stop back and let us know how your appointment went.
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