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What is this? Do I need surgery to remove this? Why did this appear on my face?

I had this weird bump 5 years ago, I just woke up and this appeared. It was red then and after a few days(I didn't touch it) it turned into my skin tone, like light brown skin tone. So when I touch it or accidentally touched it, it will turn red, not painful but just red and then for a few days not touching it, it will turn to dark red, then next day black, then next day light red/pink, then the next day it will turn to my skin tone again

click the "about" section, I put description on them about this bump.
ps. don't mind my hairy face
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That looks more like a hemangioma than skin cancer.  Hemangiomas are benign, but they can be annoying.  Picking and scratching at it won't make it go away, and could result in infection.

As I said, it doesn't look like cancer, but it is always best to see a doctor for an in-person evaluation, and to get options for removing it if you so desire.
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Not hemangioma, I'm 17 yrs old not an infant. It also changes back to my skin color.
You can get a hemangioma at ANY age.  There is a specific hemangioma that only arises in infants, but there are many other kinds.  In any case, skin conditions can't be diagnosed over the internet, so you are best off seeing a doctor for an in-person examination.
is the hemangiona you're referring to matches my symptoms? any treatment if it is hemangiona?

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