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Wondering about 3 moles...

I have had a mole on my left side for as long as I can remember.  It got checked several years ago when I was a preteen (I'm 21 now), but has grown since then.  In September, I noticed a small dark mole had popped up by it and checking my other moles, I found a new large mole on my right side as well.  The original mole on the left side has a dark spot in it and the mole on my right side has a dark sized circle on the end of it as well.  It almost looks like a new normal round mole grew in it.  Two nights ago I woke up and the mole on my left side was bleeding and bumped up.  It has been hurting kind of like a burn does and scabbed over since then.  I don't go to tanning beds and haven't had a tan in probably 3 years.  I only have had a sunburn once in my life when I was 14 on my nose.  I find it kind of weird that it is a place that is almost always out of the sun that would get any sort of warning signs of cancer?  I was just wondering if this was something to be worried about.  Thank you.
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Unfortunately skin cancer doesn't always work like that. People can and do get them in places that have never seen the sun (soles of the feet for example) and not everyone . I say that not to worry you but to ensure you do actually go and get this checked out. You have said the mole has changed and now has bled so that's enough to make sure you get it checked out by a professional.

Good luck and take care.
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It might be nothing at all, but its always best to get things like this checked out.
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