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rash on upper chest & adams apple

i had a casual sex before 5 months. actually i kissed a prostitute on her face & breasts and she also kissed me on my face. but we never had intercourse. I recently shaved my face at that time...
After 15 days from this.. i develop a rash on my chest for 1 month, i went to the doctor, they said that its uv rays infection or fungal infection. after 1 month the chest rash disappear & it came on upper chest & adams apple portion since last 3 months. I also got temperature around 98.5 F and headake, cold since last 4 months. But not a fewer more than 98.5F. Then I checked my HIV test by Tridot method after 3 months & 4 months of this happenings.
BUT the test came negative. I m really worried. The rash is sometimes red, scaly and sometimes disappears also.
But rash is not going completely... Does it HIV rash? I also get headake always since last 5 months.. while HIV test tridot method is negative after 4 months. DOES THERE IS CHANCEOF HIV INFECTION...? PLEASE HELP...
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I think there's an HIV forum that might be able to put your mind at rest. I don't think you can catch HIV from what you did unless you are very very unlucky (open sores in both your mouths). Trust your negative result.
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