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squamos cell carcinoma and hutchinsons freckle help

I am a nervous wreck and hope someone out there can be upfront with me. I am 51 years old female.  For a few months now I noticed a raised red lump (bit bigger than a pea) with a lillte white centre bit of hard skin, on the back of my hand. for ages I thought it was just one of those things, thoght I had a thorn or something in it. I even stuck a needle in it a couple of months ago and tried to squeeze but nothing happened.  After my freind nagged me for ages I went to a skin clinic today. The specialist looked at it and straight away said, "thats a squamos cell carcinoma and it has to be cut out and sent to pathology" I felt ill.  He then suggested an all over skin exam. I said no at first as was not concerned about anything else and my grandson was with me. However he talked me into it. While looking at the top of my back he said "that looks like a bad one, its quite irregular".  He then asked me had I ever heard of Hutchinsons Freckle?  I never had. He then put a hand held scanner over the it and I nearly died when I saw the highly magnified image on the screen. It was a very light brown, and totally had no real shape to it. However, to the naked eye it looked small and harmless, barely visible and was completely flat.  Nothing like a mole that I would have kept an eye on, although I couldnt see this on my back anyway.
I had so much I wanted to ask and just sat there like a dummy. I am booked to have them both cut out late next week.  as the one on my hand has only been there a few months I am a bit worried but not over the top. However the dr said that with the other one, as I had no idea how long it had been there he said he didnt know how deep it had gone.  Does anyone know anything about these two things????
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