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sudden appearance of lots of moles

I hope someone can offer some advice or an opinion. I am a 23 year old female who is currently unwell with numerous systemic symptoms. My doctor has ordered lots of blood tests to find out about these.

My question is whether I should be worried about the sudden appearance of lots of moles. I have had about 30 or perhaps more appear in less than a week. I live in the uk where it is winter, so this is definitely not due to recent sun exposure! Is this a sign of any particular condition? The moles have appeared all over my body; particularly my arms, legs, neck and face. Should I be worrying about skin cancer?

Thank you for your help.
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The moles have appeared all over your body,particularly your arms, legs, neck and face?But i want ask you a question,did all moles appear In the same side of your body or have any color?If it is,it may be the herpes zoster which caused by the VZV.If not,it is a great chance to be the verruca vulgaris or verruca planae which are caused by HPV-

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Hope you'll get well soon!
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They are on both sides of my body and are definitely moles- small dark brown flat marks. Similar to existing moles on my body. Some are larger or darker but none are raised.
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The sudden appearance of lots of moles- small dark brown flat marks and none are raised.
OK..I think it may be the verruca planae which alaway infect the youth.But I am not sure...SO,if you can,please take a photo and send to me.
my email address is ***@****. I hope i can help you.
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Thanks for your reply. I have looked up verrucae planae and my moles don't look anything like those! They are normal moles. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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You shouldn't "worry" about skin cancer but you should show them to your doctor next time you're in. It sounds like you are seeing one regularly as you mentioned you have other health issues.

They mightn't be moles. Have a look at dermatofibromas or seborrheic keratosis and see if they sound like what you have.
Do you use tanning products?
Take care and I hope your doctor gets to the bottom of your systemic health issues. You are young to have to be dealing with these issues.
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From your description ,I am not quite sure your  symptom about the mole ,did you feel itching or ache?

they mightn't be moles ,may be wart or others ,you should see a doctor and have a check,

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Thanks for your responses. I do have lots of other symptoms, including weakness and muscle/joint pain, but not itching. They look exactly like moles, not all of them are symmetrical and they differ in size but they are all different shades of brown, smaller that 5mm and are appearing everywhere including areas that never see the sun! I don't use tanning products and am definitely not pregnant.

I had a look at seborrheic keratosis and dermatofibromas and they don't look like what I have- mine are not raised or 'wart'-like. Thank you for your suggestion though.
Any other ideas?!

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Seborrheic keratoses start out flat and become raised and warty over time so they could be still in the early stage. There are rare things too but common things are more common.
Of course they could just be plain old moles. They have to turn up sometime. 30 in a week is a bit strange though.
This doesn't sound like skin cancer though.
Take care.
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Ive been having the same problem with random moles appearing. Some dark freckle size and some about 5mm but look a bit faded out around the edges. One on my left side of my lower abdomen looks almost like a blotch but I assumed that was because of just having a baby. But my daughter is 6 months old and this mole appeared sometime over this past month. And now I just discovered a new mole by my right ear. Ive also had cold like symptoms for the longest time. Coughing sneezing runny nose always feeling like there is mucus in my air passage as well as coughing it up a lot. Its always clear its never green or any odd color. I also get a lot of random sharp pains that last a few seconds and come and go often in my front and back of my waist area. Where it comes up is always random. I'm a 25 year old recovered addict (smoked meth for only 2 months of my life a few years back) I've just been having many problems left and right and im not able to afford a doctor to do a million crazy tests. I know I dont have any kind of std hpv or hsv or anything like that. Im tested regularly and I'm in a monogamous relationship with my husband aka the father of my daughter. Id really like to know what this is too.
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I have similar moles that just appeared on my torso and breast, none are really raised and some are streaked not in any regular circular shape. Can that soonfast gel help. I was diagnosed with Herpes years ago and have been using natural stuff. I am 50+ and they just appeared.
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i am 21 years old i have two kids under age 5 , i had aprox 10 small med n large moles on my body, my serious question is in the last week i have these very tinny moles on my body mainly my legs ,and arms, an just noticed a few minutes ago two new ones on my face n ear, i am also finding at least 3 of the tinny moles are now scabes :{ n my legs n body is itchy, my face has 5! small moles with scabes mainly on my hair lline,and my cheek with even smaller moles sarounding the decient size scabe on my cheek n these little moles are dark colored n when i look closssly there like golden brown on the outlineing n there not all curcilar , i have had at least 15 of these tiny moles appear with random scabingin the areasof the new moles witch have ALL APPEARD IN LSS THAN A WEEK ....side not on my for head n cheeks there is more scabbing than moles and also noticed in the last week i have a desturbing large about of think dandriv caking my head and as i feel there my hair witch is a to the middle of my back in langth i feel scabs here n there an when u look at meupper for head in my hair a little is little scabs witch look like there is little black dots in the middle of the scabs , also if i pick the scabs off it bleeds but black dot does NOT go away n the scab re appears over night, im highly consurned n have no family dr at the moment dew to us transfuring n it will take twqo to three weeks to do. any edvice will be highly appreashated thanks katlyn       sorry i stink at spelling to whom it consurns :}
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I think it could be from HPV... there are so many different strains of HPV that it is very likely that HPV is linked to skin cancers... HPV is a carcinogenic disease and moles are caused by genetic changes... usually the moles start after a few months of exposure to the HPV virus...
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I suffer from the sudden onset, within a day or two, of many mole-like spots, some of which are flat, some colorless and flat, some brown or light brown and flat, some are raised and brown like moles, and they aren't itchy. My wife noticed them when I took my shirt off. She sees me without a shirt every day. These spots/moles cover my upper back, upper chest, and there are a few on my neck.

We sure are happy to hear they don't sound like cancer. Cross off the Big C. I'm 77 years old, and of Scotch/Irish descent. I grew up in south Texas and lived there into my 40's.

Any insight or advice would be great. Thanks.

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Im 22 now, and since i was in junior high school i noticed that moles appear on my right chest. At first i though it is okay, its just moles. But then i realized it keep growing number until now. Still in my right chest. And what i noticed that too the pores where the moles appear are bigger then the rest. Should i worry about this? What your dermatologist said about your skin?
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@teacheruk, I know it has been 7 years, but how did it turn out?
I am exaclty like you, a have hundreds of moles on my torso, as well as weakness & joint pain. and I'm getting worried about it.
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You should consult a dermatologist, its normal and you can get rid of these moles. I had the same problem but consulted a dermatologist at Kalra Hospital, Kirti Nagar Delhi. Now, my moles has been disappeared.
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