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worry about moles

I have alot of freckles and moles on my body, head to toe. Some moles are small and some are bigger with 2 raised bobbly moles and 2 quite big around 1cm in diameter. I have previously sunburned quite a few times on holidays and have been a frequent tanning bed user. Recently some new freckles have appeared after using the tanning bed and stayed and some of my moles seem to have gone darker also. Im really worried about skin cancer but dont know how to approach my GP as I have so many moles and think he may think im over reacting if i go in without a particular mole that i am worried about.
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Definitely would get checked to be on the safe side if you have concerns about particular moles, this sort of thing can be good to get diagnosed earlier the better.  This would also help too, if you are putting yourself at risk you might want to discontinue with the tanning beds and seek an alternative.  Keep us posted on what the GP says.
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I agree with seattle

Gotta trust your instincts and at least have it looked at .. at the very least.

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At least your GP should be able to refer you to someone that would know and that would be a good start :D
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