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After a sleep test, I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I slept for about 5 hours and I stopped breathhing 203 times, and my pulseox dropped to 60. My doctor said it was the worst case he had seen. Could this be an exaggeration?
Also, I am having a machine delivered and set up by a tech in 2 days. Which machine is easiest to handle. I have heard horror stories about CPAP. The main problem was the fact that the air is blowing back at your nose when trying to exhale. Can't this be adjusted. Help me to know what to expect and which machine is best.
Thank you
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Greeneyedlady is right. Your sleep apnea condition is typical. It does sound like you need a full face mask and you definitely need a humidifier. With proper support and follow-up, most people are able to benefit from CPAP. Worst case scenario, if your nose is stuffy, have that taken care of, and it can help with CPAP.
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I have sleep apnea too and I stopped breathing over 300 times so 203 times is normal my pulse ox dropped in the low 40's I have a cpap machine and there are no horror stories about it as long as you get the right mask to fit you you will be fine there is air blowing when you breathe in and out it is normal especially if you have a nasal mask I have a full face mask because I am a mouth breather and because I have oxygen going in mine I like the cpap good luck.
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thanks.. The tech only brought the nose mask and a nasal pad setup with no humidifier. I tried the nasal pad and it feels like a knife going in my nose.I tried nose gel and spray. Wow, I am not a baby but this hurt. I am calling tomorrow (Monday) to let them know that, first off, I too am a mouth breather, and also need a humidifier. Thank God this first machine and mask is a test of sorts for  month. They were worried about this equipment costing so much without a prescription plan. It is of no use to me if I am so uncomfortable.
Is there a full mask that is easy to side sleep with?
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