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High red blood cell count

When I was having my Testosterone tested (108 ng/dL by the way) my blood test reveled a high red blood cell count, 5.90. Just a little high since normal is 4.10 to 5.65. Could this be caused by untreated sleep apnea? I didn't notice the high RBC count so I didn't ask my doctor about it. And next visit I plan to mention my sleep apnea problem. It only happens when I sleep on my back, so I try to sleep on my side, but I have severe pain, so I toss all night long. When I am on my back I will awaken, gasping for air, fall asleep and within minutes it happens again. My wife hears me gasping a lot during the night, even when I don't notice.

Thank you in advance for your advice.
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It's known that sleep apnea can thicken your blood. There are even studies suggesting that you can be at a higher risk for stroke because of this. Treat the sleep apnea first, since that's potentially more life-threatening. Then have your blood count checked again. Talk to your medical doctor about these issues.

Why were you checking your testosterone in the first place?
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My Testosterone was checked because I had a very low sex drive, was depressed, very tired all the time, falling asleep right after a meal and I was gaining weight when I was eating so very little. I read a Testosterone Brochure in my doctors office and it had listed all these symptoms. If I remember right I think that's what made me ask. My biggest concern is a lower bone density; Since my fibula was removed and cut in half then two holes were cut into my pelvic bone to use as bone grafting of the missing 10 cm of femur bone just above the knee. This "femur" bone is still filling in. So if I have a lower bone density this weakest part of my leg could break... And I was told by my surgeon that if I was to break this bone I would loose my leg above the knee.
  I do also have a poor memory both short and long term, and this too has started since the accident although no brain nor skull injuries were detected. I am guessing another side effect of my pain meds.
Thank you for your advice Dr Park.
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