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Hi it was suggested I video tape myself when head banging before & during my sleep, I did pluck up the courage to see my GP but didn't get any kind of reaction I expected, all my doctor says is he doesn't think it has any medical significance and he doesn't really know what to say other than he thinks I'm mentally disturbed, this is really frustrating and insulting. I don't know what else to do all I do is cry. I do suffer with depression and was taking Mirtazapine but have recently changed to Fluoxetine and my head banging has got progressively worse since my change in medication, I'm thinking of getting a second opinion by turning up at A&E at my local Hospital and explaining but since my 2 previous reaction from trying to tell local GP's I'm very wary. The first reaction I had was my old GP laughing in my face. Thanks for any advice regards Ceri
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Sorry to hear about your GPs' response. I think you should see a sleep medicine doctor for a full evaluation.
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