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Sleep Paralysis and falling out of bed.

Hi, my husband has instances of sleep paralysis a few times a year, when especially stressed. 2 nights ago,he was in bed early with a cough and fever. when he fell out of bed. He was not moving or making any sound when I came in from the living room. I screamed his name 3 times before he started to stir. I thought he might have been knocked out, but he claims he was having a sleep paralysis and was struggling to move and threw himself off the bed. Usually, I can hear him moan, but he CAN'T move.
I am worried it was something else. He has been weak and sort of unsteady since then, but he thinks it is just his fever..(100 F or less.)
He did have a tonic-clonic seizure in 2004 and is still on meds for prevention. He did not seem post ictal after he fell out of bed so he will not call his neurologist.
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Sleep paralysis is a distinct sleep disorder from insomnia. Because this is an insomnia forum, you would need to direct this question to a sleep physician or perhaps Dr. Park in the Sleep Breathing Disorders forum.

Dr. Jacobs
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