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Sleep Talking

I am 26 year old male that suffers from PTSD and Anxiety Disorder.  I am currently taking Zoloft 50mg 2 times per day and Ativan .5mg in the morning and 1mg at night.  I also take Metoprolol .25mg 2 times per day.  I have had night terrors relating to my PTSD.  Here recently I have been answering phone calls in my sleep and I have been out of character.  I have said hateful things to people that I care about.  Things that I would not say to them while awake.  I am disgusted with myself.  I was hateful and acted as if I didn't even want them in my life.  This has me so stressed out.  I can not control it and that bothers me more than anything.  I do not know that I have talked on the phone till somebody tells me.  I have been told that my voice doesn't sound like me some of the time and sometimes it sounds as if I am perfectly awake.  What is causing this and What should I do?  
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This is an issue you should bring up with a sleep medicine doctor. There's some evidence that sleep talking, walking and eating may be related to sleep-breathing problems. PTSD can also be aggravated by a sleep-breathing disorder.
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